Feb 19 – Mar 20


Making money is not easy and not spending what you already have is even harder. Look to coworkers or friends if you need motivation or assistance in either area.

No matter what anyone else says, take it easy early in the week. Your batteries are recharging, and your deadlines are softer than anyone thinks. Try to work on office morale. Creative work and brainstorming are great uses of your time midweek – looking at the big picture will be much easier than worrying about little details. Be careful with nosey supervisors. Your productivity picks up dramatically on Friday and through the weekend. You might find yourself the target of some very positive attention, so try to act surprised.

You can’t help but be stimulated by the intensity of your imagination this month. On January 2, the sun forms an opportunity aspect with inventive Neptune, and for the next four days your mind is ready for ideas. Don’t underestimate them, because the vibes are fortunate now.

On the tenth, Mercury begins a transit of Capricorn and your house of friends, dreams, and ideals. This is a nice placement when you consider Mercury as head of the “department of efficiency,” helpful for organizing the topics that are now important to you.

January 19 and January 20 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings for positive feedback and outcomes on Friday.

You reach a benchmark time on the twenty-sixth. Active Mars begins a transit in your career sector, and the planet rules the sector of your money and how you earn it. In a career area, Mars can be indicative of gain through your employer. The last transit occurred two-and-a-half years ago. What happened then?

On January 31, a lunar eclipse, a powerful beam turned on one spot, is analytical about work and expectations. If you aren’t pleased, perhaps you sacrificed your own interests? If so, you can make key changes next month.

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