Dec 22 – Jan 19


If you have no more stamina for the days ahead, you could let yourself off the hook and call it a day. But with the slightest bit of motivation, you could stick it out and make a profit. Your choice.

Take things back to basics early this week. Make sure that all the essential tasks get completed first, and that everyone is on board with the work at hand. Your thoroughness will determine the outcome of the week. Midweek you might find that customers or clients are much chattier than you are; you'll need to strike a balance between pleasing them and getting your job done. You'll be split between personal needs and work requirements on Friday and possibly through the weekend. Try to think about it with a cool mind and you'll see what to do.

Hit your stride. You have a host of cosmic friends in January! On January 2, the Capricorn sun sextiles musing Neptune, so when premonitions come, trust them and your instincts. A rebounding Uranus turns direct and you can’t help but bounce back.

On the eighth, the Capricorn sun sextiles lucky Jupiter and conjoins almost-as-fortunate Venus, and you have priceless opportunities over the next three days.

Be assertive on January 9, when the sun aspects dynamic Scorpio Mars and forceful little Pluto. Solve problems and be successful over the next four days. You’ll find that plain-talking Mercury, getting straight to the point is an added bonus as the planet of communication begins a Capricorn transit on the next day.

January 15 and January 16 are lucky days. Search if you’re job hunting. Send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings on Monday.

The new Capricorn moon invites you to begin something innovative on Tuesday. Get to work on a happier future. What do you need when it comes to what you started? Ask on January 24, when Capricorn Mercury conjoins Pluto.

The lunar eclipse on the month’s last day offers luminous expectancy and sets a positive tone for pushing past barriers next month.

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